Sunday, July 13, 2008

India Tourist Spots is just the place to drop by before you pack your bags to India. We offer detailed destination guides, exciting tour packages, hotel reviews, theme vacations ideas, catalog of tourist attractions, unbiased travelogues by real tourists and everything a trip to India calls for! Make your pick and send your query - India is not as far as you think!

Remember following that little toad in your backyard? How about tracking the Royal Bengal Tiger in an Indian jungle, with the warning calls of peacocks and langurs acting your guide.. Nature beckons!

Hill Station
Endless green of tea-plantations rejuvenate the vision, and the aroma of spices bait the nostrils as you drive up to your roof-top summer retreat at India.. Game for a languid hill-station vacation with us?

Skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, para gliding, wildlife safaris, camping, river rafting, you name it! Now, think of a destination that scores best in all of them. Visit India and you will know the answer...

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